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The product that started it all. Craftive Co. Scrunchies are made in all different colors, designs, and fabrics. Custom sizes and lengths are available to order. Can’t choose just one? Buy more. Here are our favorites at the moment.

Hair Scarves

Craftive Co. keeps up with trends as much as college kids order takeout from a place two minutes away. Hair Scarves are definitely one of those trends, and they are absolutely adorable. They can dress up anything, even leggings and a t-shirt (our favorite outfits). The only question now: which one matches your Lulu's and Gymsharks best?

Double Sided Headbands

This is a product that we created to provide more for our customers. The double sided headbands offer more durability, comfortability, and are even offered in a variety of new patterns.

Single Sided Headbands

A new item to Craftive Co., the headband. Available in multiple different prints, and more coming soon. Bad hair day? We feel you. Throw on a headband to disguise the fact that you haven’t showered in five days. Having trouble picking? We like these the most.


Another new item in Craftive Co’s arsenal, the lanyard. These can be any size, just let us know when you order. Want a trendy wrist lanyard? Sure. Thinking more of an “out of the pocket” length? You got it. We’re just as indecisive as you, but here are our top picks.

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